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More than a tool…
a strategy

You can check the box on social recruiting. Or you can blow the lid off.

By bringing together a highly effective social recruiting platform and informed strategies and best practices, CareerArc can help you build a killer social recruiting program that candidates will love and competitors will envy. (And, dare we say, bosses will rave about.)

Examples of social recruiting posts by CareerArc restaurant clients
See what the platform can do

CareerArc is the only social recruiting platform built for talent acquisition teams. We merge employer brand-forward content publishing with distribution of jobs in your ATS on social media to help you be the top-of-mind employer the best candidates want to work for.

Layer in services + strategy

Whether you’re a savvy social recruiting expert or just starting out, our award-winning client success team will help get you on the path to crushing your social recruiting and employer brand goals.

Crush your goals

Need to increase brand awareness and reach? Find more, higher-quality candidates? Save time? Improve your other metrics? Whatever your talent acquisition goals, we can help you in lots of ways.

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We’re getting the top talent coming through an easy click of a button with CareerArc. I really don’t know what my day-to-day would look like without it.


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